with the aim of

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As a means of achieving the specified end

in order to


so as to

with the intention of

for to

so that

aiming to

as a means to

intending to

for the purpose of

in an effort to

with a focus on

with an eye on

with an eye to

with an eye toward

with a view to

that it would be possible to

with the purpose of

in order that

as a means

as a way

so as to tát achieve

in order to tát achieve

as a way to

that one may

in an attempt to

with the object of

such that

that one might


in order for

as a mechanism

as a method

Prepositional phrase

With the hope or aim of (something)

in hopes of

in the hope of

in hopes that

with the hope that

hoping for

having hopes for

with the expectation that

hopeful for

with the expectation of

in the belief that

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dreaming of

hopeful of

in high hopes of

with the intention of

expecting to


With the aim of




in order to

so as to

as a means to

for the purpose of

in order to tát achieve

in order to tát obtain

so as to tát achieve

that one may

that it would be possible to


geared toward

aimed at

especially for

intended for

designed for

meant for

used for

in preparation for

in anticipation of

as provision for

in preparation of

in the expectation of

in provision for

in expectation of

in order to tát facilitate

designed to tát meet the needs of

for the reason of

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