the most important thing is to keep yourself occupied

The COVID-19 quarantine has forced us all into our homes. It’s not uncommon to tướng feel a little bored at home page. Here are 100 things to tướng keep yourself busy at home page during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Coronavirus has turned all of our lives upside-down. We are spending lots of time at home page right now and if you are lượt thích má you may be wondering how to tướng stay busy at home page. During the first couple of weeks of quarantine, it was actually a little nice. My husband was working from home page. We were all together as a family and spending lots of quality time together watching movies and relaxing at home page. But after the initial honeymoon, I began to tướng feel really bored. I’m kind of a homebody, but I never realized how often I get out during the week with the kids.

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There are lots of reasons why we feel bored. It could be that we may not feel intellectual stimulated or challenged. Sometimes boredom comes from not socializing enough or simply not doing things that bring enjoyment. If you are feeling bored, stop and evaluate exactly what is driving it. For má, it is all three.

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Finding Focus and Projects

This is a perfect time to tướng focus on projects. Maybe you’ve been wanting to tướng landscape your backyard. Many nurseries are doing curbside shopping. Now is the perfect time to tướng design your dream yardscape and work outdoors. Perhaps you’ve been wishing to tướng learn a new hobby lượt thích knitting, drawing, hand lettering or woodworking. Now is a great time to tướng learn how to tướng tự those things. Maybe you are lượt thích má. Over the six months, I have totally let the house get out of control. It’s time to tướng tự some serious reorganization and some deep cleaning. Since there are fewer distractions right now, it’s the perfect time to tướng dig in and create organization projects.

If it is socialization that you miss, there are ways you can tự it virtually. If you haven’t checked out the Zoom phầm mềm, you don’t know what you are missing. The Zoom phầm mềm was created for businesses for đoạn Clip conferencing. Zoom has a không tính tiền package that allows you 40 minutes of conference time. Personally, I think it is better and more stable than vãn FaceTime. They also have paid packages which allow for more time. Lots of people are utilizing the phầm mềm to tướng tự group events virtually. I have some friends who have used it for a virtual girl’s night. One of my friends is hosting a virtual book club while another friend is meeting with other mamas in the mornings for coffee and chit chat. A dear friend of mine is utilizing it for group bible study. I used it to tướng celebrate my son’s second birthday sánh he could see all of our family while we quý phái “Happy Birthday.” If it is socialization you are missing, consider harnessing the technology we have available to tướng fill the void.

  1. Play / learn an instrument
  2. Make a streaming binge watch list
  3. Clean out your junk drawer
  4. Try out a new recipe
  5. Write a short story.
  6. Write a haiku or poem
  7. Watch some funny fail videos on youtube
  8. Clean out your gmail inbox and unsubscribe to tướng emails you don’t read
  9. Read some classic literature. Many are không tính tiền to tướng tải về.
  10. Window cửa hàng online
  11. Learn how to tướng tự hand-lettering or calligraphy
  12. Watch a Stand-up comedy show
  13. Start a blog
  14. Write product reviews
  15. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
  16. Doodle or draw.
  17. Watch Ted Talks
  18. Skype or Facetime someone
  19. Start a virtual book club
  20. Create a budget
  21. Clean out old contacts on your phone
  22. Listen to tướng a new Podcast
  23. Mix up some cocktails
  24. Rearrange your furniture
  25. Run diagnostic, clean up or maintenance tasks on your computer
  26. Knit, sew or crochet
  27. Organize paperwork and bills
  28. Clean out your medicine cabinet
  29. Take an online course
  30. Play some board games
  31. Fix things around the house
  32. Catalog all your movies or books
  33. Update your resume
  34. Create a weekly meal plan
  35. Do a jigsaw puzzle (you can even tải về jigsaw puzzle apps for your mobile device)
  36. Clean out your fridge or pantry
  37. Exercise. You can stream lots of fitness videos on YouTube. Consider taking your workout outside.
  38. Write in a journal
  39. Make some music playlists
  40. Make a bucket list
  41. Back up your computer or files
  42. Sell things you don’t need on Ebay or other online consignment outlets
  43. Plant an herb garden
  44. Browse PINTEREST for ideas
  45. Clean up old photos on your phone
  46. Bake cookies
  47. Bible study
  48. Wash your windows (you’ll be shocked how much more natural light you get)
  49. Clean your house
  50. Decorate your porch
  51. Write a goals list
  52. Read inspiring quotes
  53. Photograph nature in your own back yard
  54. Create a vision board
  55. Picnic in your backyard
  56. Grill out and dine al fresco
  57. Start a bullet journal
  58. Study a new language
  59. Toss out expired products
  60. Write a letter to tướng someone (you can order stamps at USPS online) or fill a care package up to tướng send to tướng someone (you can print shipping labels at USPS online and schedule a porch pickup).
  61. Take a nice long bath
  62. Give yourself a facial
  63. Take a walk
  64. Scrapbook photos / create a photo book online
  65. Start a YouTube channel
  66. Do a crossword puzzle
  67. Play online or mobile games with friends
  68. Listen to tướng music and if you’re feeling it, dance!
  69. Clean out your car
  70. Wash your car
  71. Learn how to tướng bake bread
  72. Clean out your fireplace
  73. Paint a picture
  74. Make your own “Starbucks” coffee with flavors in your pantry
  75. Learn how to tướng solve a Rubix cube
  76. Enjoy some hot tea
  77. Play with your pet
  78. Pray / meditate
  79. Find some fun accounts on Instagram to tướng follow
  80. Take an online cooking class
  81. Write an ebook
  82. Get outside and tự yardwork
  83. Plan a future trip
  84. Learn origami
  85. Learn Magic tricks
  86. Explore apps on the App store
  87. Binge read the other posts on this blog (wink, wink)
  88. Take a virtual tour of museums, zoos or theme parks (See also this list of 300 museums with online tours.)
  89. Write your memoir.
  90. Plan a ZOOM buổi tiệc ngọt with friends ( Get creative: host a dinner buổi tiệc ngọt, girl’s night, coffee and brunch or game night)
  91. Create a time capsule
  92. Research a new subject you’ve always wanted to tướng learn about (like an sự kiện in history or how something works)
  93. Learn an old-world skill (like candle making, bookbinding, canning, hide tanning, blacksmithing, breadmaking, soap making, etc.)
  94. Watch Best Picture Oscar-Winning movies
  95. Research your Ancestry
  96. Have a karaoke night with the family
  97. Create fun Tik Tok videos
  98. Have an Opera Night. (The Met Opera is streaming không tính tiền ones)
  99. Do a Spring Cleaning Challenge
  100. Volunteer virtually

What Are You Doing

In the comments below, I would love to tướng hear what you are doing to tướng stay busy and productive at home page. How are using your time during the COVID-19 quarantine? What have been the silver linings in your life during this downtime?