don't forget to write to me soon


Cập nhật ngày: 25-10-2022

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Chia sẻ bởi: Nguyễn Như Dũng

Don't forget to tát write to tát má soon, ____?

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Nothing frightens you, ____?

Somebody's just called my name, ____?

I suppose you don't lượt thích the course, ____?

Everyone's going to tát be there, ____?

We never enjoy our đô thị break, ____?

There will be more and more megacities in the world,

No one wants to tát live in a polluted đô thị, ____?

I think đô thị dwellers can enjoy an exciting nightlife, ____?

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There's hardly anything that can be done to tát reduce pollution, ____?

You have to tát wear uniform when going to tát work, ____?

We are supposed to tát submit the assignment by Friday, ____?

Put these flowers near the window, ____?

None of the old people likes living in urban areas, ____?

Neither of the locations was ideal for a new shopping mall, ____?

I believe nothing serious happened, ____?

Sophie has got no major problems living in the new đô thị, ____?

This is the right DVD, ____?

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I'm not the only one, ____?

Let's go out tonight, ____?

Don't forget to tát write to tát má soon, ____?